Mustangs News · Morrow’s Mikelson Womack Named Positive Athlete!

Congratulations to Mikelson Womack (11th) for being honored as Morrow’s Positive Athlete! Mikelson is a junior in Morrow’s Magnet program. Here’s a brief session about our Positive Athlete!

  • How do you feel about being nominated? I was surprised to be nominated by my coach. I try to keep a positive attitude in every sport that I participate in.
  • Have you always played golf? I joined the golf team during my 9th grade year. I joined due to my memories of going golfing with my grandfather.
  • What do you like about golf? It’s a sport that focuses on competing more with yourself rather than against others. I like it because I get to clear out my head and it’s peaceful.
  • What do you feel like you’ve learned? How to be patient because it takes time to build technique. I also have to be attentive and be aware of my surroundings.

When we asked Golf Coach Berry, he stated “Mikelson is a supportive teammate and has an enthusiastic spirit when it comes to the game of golf. On and off the green Mikelson maintains a cheerful spirit and a hardworking attitude.”

Positive Athlete Georgia is a movement by high-character professional athletes tied to Georgia professional and collegiate sports teams to promote the benefits of “positivity” to young athletes. These athletes believe it is crucial to begin shaping the futures of young athletes for life skills beyond athletic competition and to learn how to give back to their community.

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