Mustangs News · TRACK: Christia’n Jarvis led Morrow to County championship

This article was taken from Clayton News Daily.

MORROW – Last week, the Clayton News caught up to a very fast Christia’n Jarvis following a very amazing performance in the Clayton County Championships.

The Morrow High student ran in the 4-by-4 events during the tournament and Jarvis said that the work that went into winning the medals was more about trust.

“My teammates and I dominate every meet in the 4-by-4,” Jarvis said confidently. “It’s all about trust and communication with coaches and teammates. Allowing your teammates to push you during practice and never backing down from that competition is reciprocated during the meet. If you work to beat people you know – you couldn’t care less about the people you don’t know.

 With the County championships comes the fact that a lot of athletes could have grown up around each other. Pressure to perform better than normal also shows up in different forms but Jarvis says that pressure is always amped up in the middle of March.

“We know that is championship season,” Jarvis said. “County has always been a big deal for me personally because in my first year running in eighth grade we won county so it has always been my goal to come back and help my team win it every year in high school. For the past two years, we’ve come and done exactly that.”

Even during the time after county, the programs are still aiming for state. Which means the athletes have to maintain their levels of focus during a very tough slate. Jarvis says that he just forgets everything and run or F.E.A.R.

“My coach has always told us ‘don’t be afraid to run fast’,” Jarvis mentioned. “If you keep that in the back of your mind while you’re working for your goal you’ll get there every time.”

When the hype of county finally ended and the athletes began to realize that their work during this period of the year kicked off the road to state. However, there is a time to reflect on the win granted to those who had a chance to hoist the trophy.

“It feels great knowing I contributed to the county title,” Jarvis said. “As a team captain though, when you see your teammates doing great it makes you feel great as well. There’s no I in team so as long as we have people contributing from all the different events then that title will always be ours.”