Multiple Teams · NFL’s Second Female Coach Katie Sowers ‘Making a Wave’ with San Francisco 49ers

This article was written by Mitch Stephens at Max Preps.

San Francisco 49ers offensive assistant coach Katie Sowers shares her improbable journey to the NFL on ‘Play Like a Girl’ in episode 26 of ‘Play Like a Girl.”

She calls herself just an “every day person,” one who simply “chased her dreams.”

Katie Sowers, with her crystal clear Midwestern diction, appears grounded and calm, not one you would pick out of a crowd. But clearly, the dreams that she’s pursued and achieved make her far from ordinary.

The native of Hesston, Kan. is the offensive assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers, making her the second female ever to coach in the NFL.

Sowers shares with Nikki B. her remarkable journey to America’s most popular sporting league in this riveting 26th episode of ‘Play Like a Girl.”

The daughter of a college basketball coach and twin of a Division I college basketball player, Sowers was a standout multi-sport athlete both in high school and college. “Sports always consumed my life,” she said. At the end of her college career, she pursued her first love to play football, and earned the starting quarterback spot with the Kansas City Titans of the Women’s Football Alliance. She also played on the USA Women’s National Team.

During that time, coaching flashed on her radar, and when Becky Hammon earned a spot on the San Antonio Spurs’ coaching staff in the NBA, Sowers wrote a simple but clear message on her Instagram page:
“NFL, I’m coming for you.”

Once it was visible to her, Sowers went after it. She needed a break though. A big one. It happened only because she followed a simple passion to coach middle school basketball. But there was a mix-up.

Listen to how that one clerical error led her to a meeting with perhaps the most important person and mentor in her life. And a job with the Atlanta Falcons.

Sowers makes it clear that she had and has no intentions of being a novelty act. She knew she had to work harder than other coaches because of her gender, and frankly, because she learned the game so late. Her goal was to be irreplaceable.

“I wasn’t coming in to just ride the wave,” she said. “I’m going in to make a wave.”

All of it resonated loudly to Nikki B. during this 26th MaxPreps podcast of “Play like a Girl.”

The upbeat former collegiate athlete from Northern California is is building confidence in females who play high school sports by offering vital life skills in order to enhance their athletic careers, and overall lives. Her guests are uplifting and in many cases, inspirational. Like Sowers.

In her weekly podcasts, Nikki B. brings in expert guests to discuss a plethora of topics, ranging from and dealing with teammate drama to peer pressure to social media to relationships to inappropriate coaches.
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